Thursday, February 26, 2015

Purpose Statement:

Purpose:  It is said that all romantic comedies tend to follow similar story lines, and that can be true in many cases. But, every movie differs in some way or another. These film posters will help to show how, although they are all the same genre, each movie has its own unique spin on a journey to find love. These unique aspects are what cause the audience to go see the movie. Therefore, the uniqueness must be clearly present in the movie poster. I will analyze the posters in order to bring to my audience’s attention the individuality of each one.

Audience: My audience will consist of my classmates. Some of my peers may have seen these movies or have at least heard of them. Romantic Comedies are typically more popular with a female audience, but I believe that the boys in the class will find that they know some of the actors and actresses in the films. Hopefully, this will cause them to be more interested.

Context: This project will be presented in a classroom setting. The context will include the findings of each individual movie poster. I hope that the class will find that each movie has its own unique qualities.

Design Plan:


§  Ethos- I have seen all of these movies several times and have plenty of knowledge on what the creator of the movie posters was trying to present to movie goers. As a movie goer, once I see a movie it allows me to understand the meaning of the poster better.

§  Pathos- The facts that every single movie poster has a couple on it presents the obvious emotional aspect of love. I will analyze the interaction of each couple.

§  Logos- I will logically go through each aspect of the movie posters to draw as many conclusions as possible in order to back up my purpose (finding the individuality) in evaluating them.

Medium/Media: The reason for writing this paper is because it was assigned to me in this class. I choose the movie posters of five romantic comedies. The movies go as follow:

  • While You Were Sleeping (1995)
  • The Wedding Planner (2001)
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
  • The Wedding Date (2005)
  • A Lot like Love (2005)


·         I will discuss the placement, font, and size of the title on each movie poster and how it either helps of hurts the overall presentation.

·         I will discuss the placement and interaction of the couples in each poster and how they help or hurt the overall presentation.

·         I will also look at how the coloring, angling, and background images play a part in the posters.

·         I will discuss the statement (catch phrase) on each of the movie posters and discuss whether or not they are captivating.

I will, for each movie, begin by discussing the title, coloring, pictures, and the more obvious aspects. Then, I will begin to dig deeper, to find the reason for the maker’s creative choices. By going from obvious to more intricate realizations, I will hopefully engage my readers to keep reading. I will also discuss if the creators decisions were effective in attracting an audience or not. The visual helps deepen the understanding of the text

            I think both the text and the visual are important in evaluating the movie posters. The visual is the most important aspect because it takes up most of the poster and helps to draw in the viewer’s attention, so that they read the poster. They do complement each other because the text help to further explain what is happening in the visual or the visual helps to illustrate the text. The visual helps to deepen the understanding because it allows you put an image in your head of what to expect. In these movie posters, if the visual was to be missing, the text would seem empty and unimportant.


            I will produce the communication through finding the best way to connect to my audience. This topic attracts more of a female audience, as I have stated before. But, I will focus on certain aspects of the poster’s to create an interesting essay for both male and female audience members. I will start by focusing on the interaction between the couples and how it effects the audiences want or desire to see the movie.

            In order to test my projects effectiveness of communication I will present my finished product to my peers, male and female, to get their genuine critiques. I will then take those critiques to improve my project as a whole.




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