Thursday, February 19, 2015

After looking at the movie poster for the last Harry Potter film it is obvious that the movie had to of came out in recent years due to the intricate details on the faces of the characters. The genre is action because the worlds "It all ends 7.15" help to create the sense that the movie will come to a dramatic and exciting ending. I think the designers choose the colors, black and blue, to give a dark, ominous vibe. The red on the bottom and the swirls of white around the wand helps to give of a magical feel. The use of white around the wand also emphasizes the centering of the wand and eludes that it may be an important part of the movie. I think that the fact that the poster is a close up shot helps to create the obvious understanding that their is a battle between good and evil in the movie. I also think that saying, "It all ends 7,15" is a great way to help people know that this is the last movie as well as helping them remember the release date. Overall, I think the movie poster does a great job at making the viewer want to see the movie.

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