Thursday, February 12, 2015

Design Plan

Purpose: My purpose for this photo essay is to open people up to all that is around them on a daily basis. My audience will consist of young adults still in search for the best way to live their lives. People are focused on what they want and what they don’t have. I want to show, through this presentation, that although wanting can be a good thing, we have to first begin to appreciate all that we have. I am obviously guilty of taking the things in my life for granted and I hope this makes me a more relatable source for presenting this information. I believe that being able to appreciate what you have is essential in the journey of achieving what you want.


·         Ethos- I want to come across as a peer to my audiece, seeing as that is exactly what I am. My audience will consist of my classmates, intelligent and capable young people. I don’t want to come across as if I am telling the audience they are doing something wrong, because we are all guilty of taking things for granted. I want to just share the things in our lives that are readily available to us and show the beauty in opportunity.

·         Pathos- I intend to create a sense of motivation within my audience. I want them to leave the classroom feeling encouraged to see the beauty in the world around them. I also want them to feel as if everything they see and experience on a daily basis is more special than they have ever been.

·         Logos- I will structure this presentation from least to most compelling pictures. (Hopefully they will all be compelling). I want to end with the most relatable to the audience so as to leave them thinking about the overall message and purpose of the photo essay.

Medium: I will be using pictures, as well as narrative writing for this assignment. I am hoping the picture will be able to tell the story, and the words of the essay will effortlessly match up with what the pictures say.

Arrangement: I will arrange the in order of least to most captivating as stated before. But, I want to start and end with my most interesting pictures. Going about the set up in a “2,3,4,5,1” arrangement. I want to engage the audience right from the start and keep their attention with logical coherence and interesting thought, then end with the best example of the point I am trying to make. For the narrative essay, I will follow the usual essay structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. I will write the body first, then proceed to write the introduction claim and conclusion based on what the body paragraphs entails. I will also use different fonts to create a sense of difference in the photos, seeing as half of them will represent want and the other half will represent what we have.

Testing: In order to test my project and have a better understanding of how my audience will respond, I will show my model the pictures, just like Ajay did, to see if they have a grasp on what the message in saying. For the narrative essay, I will read it aloud to myself and to other people several times in order to catch grammatical mistakes and consistency issues.


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