Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Purpose Statement

My motivation for doing this particular photo essay is to appreciate the world around me and to inspire my audience to do the same. My pictures of a winter day in late January are what I came across as I walked near my house and around my neighborhood. So many people don’t appreciate the beauty of nature and what it creates around us every day. Winter is especially taken for granted because people focus so much of their attention on the bitter cold that comes with the season. But, if we can appreciate the true and real beauty of a tree covered in a new layer of clean white snow than we can start to enjoy this season.

My audience will consist of young, technology-focused young adults (18-22) who would rather spend their time inside than taking a walk in the freezing cold.  Some more characteristics being a mix of males and females who are in the middle of their college education and excited to learn more. At the time my photo essay is communicated, my audience will most likely be feeling the strain winter leaves on our bodies, our moods, and our days. My hope is to help them see the beauty around them every day and for them to leave my presentation feeling rejuvenated and appreciative of the nature that surrounds them.

My context will include a time and place. The time will be during the day so people will be able to leave and see everything I talked about in the light of day. It will take place in a classroom seeing that I am writing this photo essay for a college class. This will add the beauty of the picture because we will all be stick in a small, plainly decorated classroom. The pictures I will include will be of a much larger area and will help to create a feeling of having more space. The time and place will work together to create a comfortable day time, classroom setting in which my audience should feel familiar and comfortable hope is that the audience will perceive the context of where we are, when we communicate, and the material I will cover in an open-hearted and open-minded fashion.


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