Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The article was intriguing if only to see the amount of people who are so open about their personal life on the internet. They welcome strangers into the depths of what makes them themselves. I think blogs can be helpful when people need to feel that other people are going through similar trials and tribulations to them. They are also helpful when it comes to comparing and learning about political stances. when I think about a blogger, I think of two different types of people. One person being a quiet, introvert who has a lot to say and needs a way (blogging) to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, hopes, dreams, fears, etc. These people cling to the internet because they need some form of way to express themselves. The other person is a person who is a great communicator and strives to find any mode in which they are given the opportunity to share. They want to grow in all ways they can find. I am an introvert. I am able to talk to my family and friends, but having another way in which to share may be a helpful thing for me.

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